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Discover how to get your business to BOUNCE BACK as the world gets back to work after the COVID-19 shutdown.

This event will bring together the some of the best Lean ​and ​Business experts in the ​world to ​reveal to you ​what the top companies in the world know t​o help ​your business to Bounce Back.

​The Bounce Back Summit is FREE (for a limited time).

  • FREE* ONLINE EVENT | May 25–30, 2020

​Join people just like YOU from around the world and start to develop
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​our Agenda with our Featured Experts​

DAY 1 - ​​Bouncing Back for Your Customers

Jared Thatcher & Guests

LIVE SESSION: Monday, May 25th, ​@ 9:00 AM PST | 12:00 PM EST

The Bounce Back Summit Kick-Off Live Session (with live audience interaction)

David A. Shore, PhD

Monday, May 25, Prerecorded Session

Project Restart: 9 Top Tips for Successfully Transitioning From Lockdown to Limbo

​Dion Oden

Monday, May 25, Prerecorded Session

​Operations & the Culture of an Organization Coming Back from Quarantine: 
How to Ensure Employee Engagement

​Vanessa Harrison-Chambers

Monday, May 25, Prerecorded Session

​The Key Ingredient to Maintaining Momentum in These Crazy Times

​Allan Freed

Monday, May 25, Prerecorded Session

​​Tune in to the Needs of Your Customers in the Changing Landscape of Today

DAY 2 - ​Continuous Improvement - Daily Bounce Back

​Dave Ulrich

LIVE SESSION: Tuesday, May 25th, ​@ ​10:00 AM PST | 12:00 PM EST

​Ten Insights to ​Discover ​Opportunities in ​Crisis:
Implications for ​Individuals, ​Leaders, and ​Organizations

​Paul Akers

Tuesday, May 2​6, Prerecorded Session

​How 2 Second Daily Continuous ​Improvements ​Can Transform Your Business

​Tracy O'Rourke

Tuesday, May 2​6, Prerecorded Session

​Conducting ​Virtual ​Process ​Walks, ​Kaizen ​Events, and Lean Six Sigma ​Training Online

​​Dan Markovitz

Tuesday, May 2​6, Prerecorded Session

​Continuous Improvement? Or Continuous Movement? Hear the Voice of the Process and Stop Driving Yourself (and Your Team) Crazy

DAY ​3 - ​Leadership Required to Bounce Back

​​Douglas Lundrigan

​​LIVE SESSION: May ​27th, Wednesday @ ​​9:00 am PST | ​​12:00 pm EST

Cultivating a Resilient Mindset to Bounce Back After ​COVID-19​

​​Karyn Ross

​​LIVE SESSION: May ​27th, Wednesday @ ​11:00 am PST | ​2:00 pm EST

Do More Than Bounce Back! Go Forward with Kindness (and a Little Creativity)!

Katie Anderson

Wednesday, May 2​7, Prerecorded Session

Fall Down Seven Times, Get Up Eight: 8 Practices to Help You Learn, Lead, and Move Forward

​​​John Lovell

​Wednesday​, May 2​​7, Prerecorded Session

​​Reflections of Leadership Lessons Learned on the Front Lines

DAY ​4 - ​Problem-Solving to Bounce Back

​​​Brad Anderson

​Thursday, May 2​8, Prerecorded Session

​From Crisis Response to Rebuilding for the Future: 2 Durable Trends to Watch

​​​Liam McKelvie

​Thursday, May 2​8, Prerecorded Session

​​​3 Steps to Overcome Anything

​Parmeet Singh Sood

​Thursday, May 2​8, Prerecorded Session

​​​​Small Steps ​Leading to Massive Action: Formula for Business Success

​​​​Michael Bremer

​Thursday, May 2​8, Prerecorded Session

​​12 ​Vital ​Actions to ​Get ​Your ​Business to Bounce Back

DAY 5 - Financially Bounc​ing Back

​​​​Jared Thatcher

​​Friday, May 2​9, Prerecorded Session

Why You Need to Create a Continuous Cost Improvement System in Your Organization

​​​​Kriti Anand

​Friday, May 2​9, Prerecorded Session

Small Business Financing ​in a COVID​-19 Landscape

​​Andrew Lenti

​Friday, May 2​9, Prerecorded Session

​​Work, ​Govern and ​Improve ​Your ​Company ​From ​Anywhere with PRESTO Digital Enterprise

DAY ​6 [BONUS DAY] - ​​A Balanced Bounce Back Life

​Willy Wijnands

​​LIVE SESSION: May 30th, Saturday @ 10:30 AM PST | 1:30 PM EST  |  7:30 PM CEST

Transforming Education & Innovation with eduScrum ​and Lightschools

​Britt van Mensvoort

​​LIVE SESSION: May 30th, Saturday @ 10:30 AM PST | 1:30 PM EST  |  7:30 PM CEST

Transforming Education & Innovation with eduScrum ​and Lightschools

​​​Jared Thatcher

​LIVE SESSION: May 30th, Saturday @ ​​12:00 PM PST | ​​3:00 PM EST

Parenting the Lean Way: Improving Your Home Life with Business Inspired Solutions​

Now You’re Probably Wondering, What EXACTLY Will I Get Out Of Attending This Virtual Summit?

Great question, and I’m glad you asked.

Here’s a taste of what you’ll discover by joining the ​Free ​BOUNCE BACK SUMMIT:

  • ​How to adapt quickly to meet the changing needs of customers so that they feel safe to buy from your business
  • ​Why ​the technique ​of going and seeing has such amazing results​ for those that practice it
  • ​The best tools to​ create employees that are problem solvers not problem avoiders
  • ​Discover a system to generate more ​savings for your business than you thought possible
  • ​Get the big reveal of dozens of the top tips that business leaders from around the world are using to Bounce Back
  • ​​Learn the 4 critical steps you need to get your business back to profitability

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World-Class Quality Content

This is not your ordinary online event. We take pride in delivering you the absolute best content so that you can get great actionable results.  Nearly every industry leader I've asked to be part of this summit has gladly given of their time and talents to help you and your business.

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​This is more than just being able to watch world class masterclasses, th​is exclusive FaceBook community group will allow you to ask questions of the speakers.  ​​In this collaborative community you will be able to ​help each other solve problems.

​Business Strategies Revealed By The Top ​Business Leaders In The World

Your journey to ​figure out how to quickly get your business into a strong position could go one of two ways:

Long and Difficult Way

  • You could spend thousands of dollars and countless hours trying to implement "OLD" outdated ​business strategies you've learned from "so-called experts" that aren't that effective anymore (or worse... don't work at all!) if you'd like to get results fast. 

Easy & Fast Way

  • You could sign up for ​Bounce Back Summit today and get real insights from the top​business experts from around the world and a step-by-step guides to each of these master classes designed to quickly get your business back into profitability.

If you’re looking for your average, run-of-the-mill virtual summit, or one that sells the hype but fails to deliver on substance,
then you’ve come to the wrong place.

If you’re looking for the top ​BUSINESS strategies that are working right now TO HELP YOU BOUNCE BACK,
then you’re ​AT THE RIGHT home.


​Jared Thatcher

Hi, I’m ​Jared Thatcher.

​I've been a small business owner, construction worker, management consultant, manufacturing plant manger, and a continuous improvement enthusiast.  I​ was part of a project management team that saved a company over $1.1 billion dollars over three years, and I've generated multiple million dollar cost savings ideas for over a dozen companies ​throughout my career.

​As I​ was sheltering in place​ ​I wished ​there was something I could do to help my friends and family ​​save their jobs and their businesses.  ​I realized that there was something I could do​.  The same principles I have been using to help the businesses I've consulted for, I ​could ​share with small businesses from around the world​. I felt inspired to put on this virtual summit and to bring together some of the top industry leaders from around the world to ​reveal their strategies to small business owners, entrepreneurs, managers, and employees that want to discover how they can ​bounce back from this pandemic.

If you are ready to put in the work, ​we are here ​to help you and your business to Bounce Back!

How’d You Like To Access the
20+ World-Class Experts helping you in the 
Bounce Back Summit Masterclasses?

These sessions will show you ​the strategies ​that the top people in ​business use and recommend. For a limited time, you can get FREE access to this exclusive content right here.

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